Bloomsbury has a significant direct beneficial impact on the community through its commercial activities. Our publishing teams share a common passion for promoting the enjoyment of reading and high quality literature that is often cutting edge and provides new authors with opportunities to establish themselves. We have a substantial Children's division focused on promoting literacy for young readers of all abilities and ages, including specialist ranges for "Hi-Low" pupils (high age, low attainment) which provide parents and teachers with the tools needed to engage their children in reading.

Support by Bloomsbury

In addition to our direct commercial activities and with a focus mainly on promoting literature, literacy and education, we actively support numerous organisations worldwide including schools, universities, libraries and other good causes and charities. The following examples illustrate the range of our support worldwide:

Corporate volunteering and educational development

  • Our collaboration between Methuen Drama and Prison Reading Groups (PRG) supports and encourages the reading of plays by the inmate community within HM prisons. For example, we provide gratis copies of the books and arrange for playwrights and authors to visit the prisons to run drama workshops.
  • A Bloomsbury UK employee recently travelled to Nigeria to train 170 teachers on the importance of reading and how to set up an effective classroom library.
  • Our Australia office supports the Indigenous Literacy Foundation with fundraising and time given for administrative support. Our India office, in partnership with the Hope Foundation, recently published Ten Steps To Good Health, a guide for children, particularly in schools in non-urban areas. The book is promoted through the India state education system for distribution to school children.
  • Bloomsbury's Chief Executive is President of Book Aid International that gifts approximately 500,000 books a year to libraries in Africa.
  • We provide work experience days and weeks for secondary school pupils, have sponsored achievement prizes for students within US and UK universities and invite students to visit us for presentations on working in publishing e.g. our UK offices hosted a group of young adults from The Challenge's Apprentice Scheme.

Corporate donating

  • Our US, UK and Australia offices donate, or provide at a reduced cost, a substantial quantity of books and games each year, which includes donations of mainstream titles to schools and libraries, e.g. our US office participates in, and has donated much of our Children's e-books catalogue for free to the White House's ConnectED Open eBooks programme that gives underprivileged students access to e-books. Other donations of books and Osprey games worldwide have been to good causes such as to Book Trust, Barnardos, Oxfam, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and smaller organisations local to our offices worldwide such as schools, e.g. our UK offices donated Osprey games to a children's and adults' hospice, our Adlard Coles Nautical imprint donated sea-related books to the RNLI for fundraising and our Australia office donated books to support a growing charity with a mission that "No child should be left behind in literacy" amongst others.
  • The Bloomsbury Institute (the events function of Bloomsbury) organises charitable fundraising events such as for Book Aid and to celebrate International Women's Day, with guest speakers who have included Bob Geldof, William Boyd and Aminatta Forna. Our Writers & Artists team organises masterclasses to raise money for Book Aid International.
  • We support good causes that promote literacy and literature, e.g. we are a sponsor and partner with World Book Day, which was established by UNESCO to promote reading amongst children and adults, and our Australia office has supported a major award that celebrates Australian women's writing.

We make a small number of targeted minor cash donations predominantly to not-for-profit organisations that support literature, literacy and education, which in recent years has included Book Aid International, the Independent Publishers Guild, The Charleston Trust and Woodland Trust.