Our strategy

Interview with Chief Executive Nigel Newton

Interview with Chief Executive Nigel Newton

The Group's Mission is to grow a high quality global publishing business delivering high value to its contributors, readers and shareholders.

We achieve this Mission through our strategy which is to:

  • Publish authors and works of excellence and originality.
  • Deliver professional services to those seeking publication.
  • Combine tradition and technology to achieve excellence.
  • Establish solid profit streams.

Key objectives include:

  • Grow Academic & Professional revenues so that they match or exceed our trade revenues (where trade revenues are all book sales other than Academic & Professional). This is because these revenues have higher margins, are generally a more predictable revenue stream, are less reliant on the retail bookshop environment and have more digital opportunities.
  • Continue acquisition of rights to publish outstanding works by undiscovered and established authors.
  • Expand internationally in English language markets. This reduces the Group's reliance on the UK market and, in particular, takes advantage of the biggest academic market worldwide in the US and the significant growth being experienced in India.
  • Create and exploit copyright and IP including by licensing of information databases to support major world institutions and corporations.
  • Benefit from the digital opportunity, both in cost saving and market expansion.